• Klaus Pohl
  • Klaus Pohl

Requirements Engineering

- Fundamentals, Principles and Techniques

Why another requirements engineering book?

Nowadays, software-intensive systems pervade our everyday life and continuously gain in importance. We use them for communication, for entertainment, in automobiles – just to name a few examples. For such software systems, requirements engineering is the key to success. Requirements engineering takes needs, desires, and intentions of different stakeholders into account and defines based on them requirements for the new system.

This comprehensive textbook provides insight into the requirements engineering process and explains all its important aspects. In short: How to get from stakeholder needs and desires to goals, scenarios, and finally solution-oriented requirements for the new system by iterating elicitation, documentation/specification, negotiation, and validation activities.

Our well-proven requirements engineering framework not only helps to structure the requirements engineering process with all its artefacts, activities, and roles but shows also how to perform context analysis and how to use the gained context information during the requirements engineering process to be successful.


Klaus Pohl
Requirements Engineering - Fundamentals, Principles, and Techniques
Springer-Verlag (2010)
ISBN 978-3-642-12577-5