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  • Errata


2. Edition

  • Page 85, Section 6.7.2, third paragraph, second sentence: Replace "exit" with "entry". The correct sentence is: "An entry point is an externally visible pseudo-state that is immediately [...]."
  • Page 121, Section 8.3, Wiegers' Priorization Matrix, Fig. 8-4: Replace the priority (0.489) of R5 with the correct value 0.492
  • Page 54, Section 5.2, subsection "Step 1: Determine the Legal Obligation": Adding a foot note to the third sentence: "The terms 'shall', 'should', 'will' and 'may' are used for the purpose of prioritization, in order to express the legal obligation. The use of these terms differs from the definition in IEEE 610.12-1990 (Definition 1-1; p. 3)."